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VINTAGE 1947 MARTIN D-18 FLAT TOP ACOUSTIC GUITAR for sale in Indianapolis, IN buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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For your consideration is this lovely and largely original example of a 1947 Martin D-18 serial number 102963. This beautiful instrument has a pro-refinished top and some overspray in other places. The back and sides are original finish, the bottom treble side has some overspray, the peg head and decal are all original finish, the back of neck and heel may have some overspray but are also largely original. The bottom treble side appears to have a very fine drying crack maybe a couple of inches long at best, the top has a small crack from being hit on the edge of the face with the typical fracture we see when this happens. Surprisingly crack free instrument though considering all things, as this is a mahogany constructed, well-used early Martin instrument. The bridge has been replaced, novice job with weird saddle placement (intonates correctly go figure), deliberately thin as to accommodate the poor neck angle and allow for low action, which it has. The correct repair is to buy or make the correct Martin bridge install it and re set the neck. What s surprising even knowing all of this is that the guitar plays and sounds great, very warm, loud and pleasant as it is. The refinished top must have been done some time ago, it appears to be lacquer and has naturally weather checked and darkened. I believe that with some repair by a competent luthier that this is going to be one of the better sounding Martins from this era. It s already great as it sits with appropriate repair who knows what this thing will do. Martins are fantastic instruments, many of them come to us with issues, they are worthy of the restoration and some of the rougher and more played guitars end up being the best sounding guitars by far. A great instrument, from a great year, by the greatest guitar manufacturer known to man. This guitar with such a bright future resides in a poor quality aftermarket hard shell case, which is included - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist