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Korg Oasys 76 Synth Keyboard Workstation for sale in Indianapolis, IN buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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OASYS 76: 76-key synth-action Sound Engine Synthesis Types HD-1 (High Definition Synthesizer) EXi: AL-1 (Analog Synthesizer) CX-3 (Tonewheel Organ) STR-1 (Plucked String) MS-20EX (CMT Modeled Analog Synthesizer) PolysixEX (CMT Modeled Analog Synthesizer) MOD-7 (MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer) Maximum Polyphony Maximum polyphony varies depending on the synthesis type, as shown below. The actual polyphony will vary depending on the synthesis types and effects being used; all numbers shown are the maximum, without effects. HD-1: 172 voices AL-1: 96 voices CX-3: 172 voices STR-1: 48 voices MS-20EX: 48 voices PolysixEX: 172 voices MOD-7: 52 voices Dynamic voice allocation between synthesis types: exclusive system intelligently allocates resources as necessary, so that the user does not need to specify fixed numbers of voices for each type. Tone Generator Number of Programs/Combinations/Drumkits 1,664 user memory programs (896 (640 PCM+256EXi) come preloaded) 1,792 user memory combinations (384 come preloaded) 152 user memory drumkit (40 come preloaded) 256 GM Level 2 preset programs+ 9 GM Level 2 drum preset programs Preset PCM 314MB (1,505 multisamples, 1,388 drum samples) Bundled EXs PCM Libraries 284 MB: ROM Expansion EXs-1 (229 Multisamples and 1,483 Drum Samples), 464 MB: Concert Grand EXs-2 (10 Multisamples) Capacity of PCM RAM 500MB The amount of PCM RAM will change depending on how you use the included EXs, system software, and options. Wave Sequences User Memory: 374 Wave Sequences Preload: 150 Wave Sequences * New Wave Sequence features include support for stereo multisamples, enhanced tempo synchronization, real-time modulation, dual AMS outputs per step, crossfade shapes, and more. HD-1 Programs Advanced Vector Synthesis Control oscillator volumes, synth parameters, effect parameters via the Vector joystick and the tempo-synced Vector Envelope Structure Single: only OSC1, Double: OSC1 and OSC2. Double mode lets you layer two completely separate synth voices, each with their own velocity-switched oscillator, dual filters, EGs, LFOs, etc. Oscillators 4 velocity zones per oscillator, with switching, crossfades and layering. Each zone can play mono or stereo Multisamples or Wave Sequences. Filters Two multi-mode filters per voice; (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject) four-mode filter routings (single, serial, parallel and 24dB mode) Driver Per voice non-linear driver and low boost circuit EQ Three bands, with sweepable mid-range Modulation Three envelope generators, two LFOs per voice, common LFO, four key tracking generators, AMS (Alternate Modulation Source); modulate a large number of synthesis parameters via LFOs, Envelopes, and real-time controllers. Two AMS Mixers - combine and process AMS sources. Add, multiply, smooth, quantize, and more. Drumkit Supports both stereo/ and mono drum samples, four-stage velocity switch/crossfade EXi Program Common Advanced Vector Synthesis Control oscillator volumes and synthesis & effects parameters via the Vector Joystick and the tempo-synchronized Vector Envelope. Modulation Common Step Sequencer: 32-step sequencer with smoothing, adjustable step duration, and tempo synchronization. AMS (Alternate Modulation Source); modulate a large number of synthesis parameters via LFOs, Envelopes, and real-time controllers, Common LFO, 2 Key Tracking Generators. EQ Three bands, (with sweepable mid) AL-1 Analog Synthesizer Oscillators New design ultra-low-aliasing oscillators OSC1, OSC2, Sub-oscillator and noise generator; ring modulation, FM, and Sync Audio Input Run real-time audio through the synthesis engine, including ring mod, filters, drive circuit, amp, and EQ Filters Two multi-mode filter (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject) with four types of filter routings (single, serial, parallel and 24dB mode), MultiFilter mode (only Filter-A; modulateable mix of Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and... - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist