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Ford Drums Metallic Cobalt Sparkle! for sale in Indianapolis, IN buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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17x22 Kick w/ reinforcement rings 17x24 Kick w/ reinforcement rings 8x10 Tom 9x12 Tom 14x14 Floor Tom 16x16 Floor Tom 16x18 Floor Tom 6 1/2x14 Snare w/ die-cast hoops 5 1/2x14 Snare w/ reinforcement rings The drums are all Maple 10-ply shells. The interiors of the drums are finished in lacquer which allows the sound to travel longer and farther! As a result, the drums are VERY loud, crisp, and clear WITHOUT losing their sustain! The finish is designed to look great under ANY kind of lighting! It's a metallic cobalt blue that has a LIGHT indigo blue sparkle in addition. AMAZING under lights!!!! 10 and 12 inch toms have RIMS style mounts that fit DW L-arms (1/4 inch), and the 14, 16, and 18 floor toms all come with DW floor tom legs as well. I've included pictures of any flaws in the finish (pin-hole size scratch on the 14 FT, small scratch near a resonant side lug on the 16 FT, 22 and 24 BD both have a small scratch on the crown of the wood hoop on the batter side, and the 24 BD also has one on the resonant side hoop, 14 SD strainer adjustment is bent a little but does not affect tensioning AT ALL.) NONE of these are large or noticeable unless you're face is RIGHT NEXT to the flaw! - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist